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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Strategies To Use In White Hat SEO

There are a lot of strategies which you can use or demand that your professional white hat SEO firm use in ranking your website up on major search engines. These strategies include on-site optimization, keyword research and evaluation, Google search submission, article writing and article directory submission, forum posting, blog commenting, internet directory submission, online citation, video submission, document sharing, social media marketing, creating web 2.0 blogs and linking to the primary website and other varieties of link building. These strategies will deliver white hat SEO ranking and is sustainable.

I am planning to talk about several strategies that I actually have  mentioned above and try to succeed in the target of elaborating how white hat SEO is attained by applying these strategies. The primary strategy and I insist must be the first one is the keyword research. Keyword research play a key role inside the success or failure of any campaign. It is the keywords that is used to rank each and every website on major search engines like and and therefore the option of simply  which keywords to use is very core on this technique of white hat SEO. You want a qualified person or firm to conduct research on your behalf and find your keywords which might be buyer oriented and with manageable levels of competition. When you opt for  a keyword with a lot of a competition, then it might be impossible  to realize excessive ranking with it as a result of the massive competition that you will face.

Once you get your keywords ready, you want to accomplish the on-site/on-page optimization for your website. This is the means of reviewing all the materials and content of the web site to identify corrections or missing issues which need fixing. A few of this primary things to look out for include the title, descriptions and keywords, choice text for images, Sitemaps, robot text file, keyword density in the text and much other minor issues yet very important in attaining high ranking. This strategy could also necessitate rewriting of the content of your website especially where the content just isn't fully optimized using the relevant keywords.

Once you have done these two strategies then turn your attention to offsite White Hat SEO and this is time consuming, can also be heartbreaking if not done well and it takes time, occasionally up to four months and more. This can be one area why I always advice you need to give this work to a respected White Hat SEO company that will help you achieve this goal.  The strategies used here include; social bookmarking, directory submission, Google search submission, article writing and submission to article directories, video making and submission to video hosting websites, document sharing, online citations, forum posting and blog commenting. The list could be longer than this but I want to just use these strategies to make you achieve top ranking with your white hat SEO campaign.

The best strategy is to spare time for all of those plans weekly except for Google search submission which is done monthly, the remaining which you could do weekly or engage a firm that will spread it out and offer them monthly. That is where you need to do for example one hundred social bookmark, write five articles and distribute online, forum post on ten forum websites, create 30 blog comment. This is to ensure each week, your website gets more backlinks from different sources hence the ranking alternate positively every week. White hat SEO is not a quick fix and therefore time consuming.

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