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Friday, April 19, 2013

Website Marketing Strategies: White Hat SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is known as a field that captivates both talented guys and ruthless guys. One of the main ways to create your SEO is basically the use of inbound links. There are literally many ways to build links back to someones internet site. Some are very influential, a few are a little dodgy and a few are absolutely bad guy ways. I intended talk a little bit about what those unethical guy back links are, what the "white hat" ones are and why it makes a difference.

Way back when search engines were first getting started via the web, there were whole groups of individuals who tried to determine ways to trick those early serps into listing their website pages higher than everyone else. They identified very sneaky strategies of making the engines like google believe they were already very well-liked, and filled with good content. When Google came into existence, it was much more advanced than the others, and so the bad guys had to become more superior, as well.

They used websites whose only objective was to have back-links on them. These sites take many categories, and as Google decided they liked a certain kind of internet site such as blogs or forums, the depraved guys produced those types of web pages and filled them with nothing except links back to their internet pages and the web-sites of people who paid them.

Certainly, Google very hastily figured this out and started ranking those web-sites very badly and penalizing web-sites that had links on them.

It became a battle between Google in addition to the bad guys. Ultimately, of course, Google always figured out what they were doing and therefore stopped them from doing it. Google's main aim, after all, is offering good search results to its prospects, and when someone sneaks something in that isn't as applicable, they get cranky.
White hat ways, conversely, are about distinguishing your links on real internet sites which Google already wants. Sites such as Facebook, Amazon and, YouTube (which Google in point of fact owns!) EzineArticles and Twitter. There are, of course, many more of them. When you use them, you may create a in ternet site within the web pages of great links back to your internet site.

How? As a simple example, place a video on the YouTube. For the description, put a link back to your internet site. Publish the video on Facebook. That can create a link back to the video, which links to your website. Embed it in a blog post. Tweet concerning it. Each one of those shall be indexed by Google and your own mini site will grow.

When you operate within the set of laws, and enable Google with its main goal, giving good, important results to buyers who use them for their explorations, you will certainly stay within Google's good graces and as well get the traffic you require.

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