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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to write white hat SEO articles quick

Knowledge of white hat SEO, or even Search Engine Optimization, is important when you write articles on line. Your articles has to be found by the search engines, however without optimal keyword placement as well as a quick writing speed, your content shall be easily lost and as well forgotten among the millions of pages of text as well as pictures on the internet. Therefore how do you compete with other SEO article writers? The solution to this is that you must write white hat SEO articles quick. Apply these steps to your article writing and also increase your writing speed in addition to income as a quick SEO article writer.
Directives to follow
1. Discover your article keywords. Classify the keywords which the search engine spiders will make use of so as to get your articles first. For every SEO article, write down five keyword expressions which you will use frequently throughout the article. Make use of these keywords to write your article title. If possible allow your keyword or even keyword phrase to be the first word of the article title. Use your thesaurus to discover common synonyms for the keywords to suit Google's use of Latent Semantic Indexing, or else LSI.
2. Research all your article topics straight. If you are writing ten white hat SEO articles this week, carry out your entire collection of information on the similar day. Open up your desired web browser and then key in your article topic as well as keywords. Use the queried results to search the internet for the top research to write your white hat SEO article. Researching should be carried out on a separate day than writing. Give your subliminal mind time to devise great headline titles as well as content for your white hat SEO articles.
3. Cut and paste the information collected into a text editor or even a word processing document. Use this information for any background information necessary to write your articles. Always make sure you take into custody the URL and import it into the document so as to offer proper attribution for the writer or the web site when you write the article. Do not start writing at this point.
4. Use a data dump to write quick. After you have used up time tho
roughly researching your subjects in batches of ten articles, use this writing clandestine to your first white hat SEO article quick. A data dump is a writing strategy where you type as quickly as you can, without editing or even thinking about the words written. Allow yourself type for a maximum of five minutes if you are writing a 400 word article. Raise your data dump conferences for longer word counts. Just allow your mind flow freely while you key in the words on the page. Repeat the data dump step for every white hat SEO article.
5. Put in keywords into your editing phase. The correct polish required to create a masterpiece of an article is conducted in the editing phase. To write efficiently and professionally, more time needs to be spent in editing than writing. If you plan to write for thirty minutes a 500 word article, then spend five to ten minutes writing and fifteen to twenty minutes editing. Put in keywords into the first few paragraphs to be revealed by the search engines quickly as well as ensure good keyword density.

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