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Friday, July 18, 2014

Building links using dofollow blog commenting and Backlink tool

For link building and search engine optimization, dofollow blog commenting is normally useful. It remains among the few links building techniques that to date still works, after Google Penguin updates. One great way of being exposed online, as well as generating more traffic to your website is simply by commenting on other people’s blogs. You can reach out to a broader audience and be able to interact with your potential customers just with the help of blog commenting. Respect is earned. Treat the blog owner with respect as you also would expect to be treated back. Do not be too quick to comment. Read and understand the post well, after which you can go ahead and write a meaningful comment.
Be careful to search the blogs that only have a close relation with your niche. It shouldn’t be any bog that you come across. Also ensure that you have a clear understanding of the policy of each blog before you write any comment. When commenting, it is always advisable that you select the blogs that permit the Dofollow comment links and also have several readers. Content quality is also a factor. Comment on the blogs whose contents are of quality and are uniquely written. As you comment on the posts, you can also be replying to those that are already submitted. Remember you are only allowed to comment once on each post. Do not deviate from the topic at hand. Whatever you are writing should add more taste and value to the post. Be sure to draw more and more traffic as well as to build relevant link to your website if your comments provide irresistible information, as this will make the readers be inclined to click on the link included in your comment box.
However, you should understand that dofollow blog commenting is not any marketing strategy for promoting your products or services. It would nonetheless be so if you have any solid reason to link to another website. But again, comment fields are not for links, so do not insert them there. Don’t submit your comment attached together with the link. This is because there’s always a special field where most blogs permits the users to add a link to their websites. It would be regarded spam if you insert the Keyword in the ‘Name’ place. Surprisingly, many blog owners and webmasters do not normally publish comments that are submitted under the name of companies, however good and attractive they might be, because it is regarded spammy. You are therefore advised that whenever writing your comments, ensure your real name features under the comment.
Normally, when the readers read your comment and can connect to your branding through an image, you have high chances of getting a click on your URL. This therefore calls for attaching your image to your profile. The image can however be anything you choose. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a specific thing. Ensure you regularly comment on the blogs as you also have your own record of every blog that you ever commented on. Backlink tool is also another effective way of generating quality links to your website apart from dofollow blog commenting. The two techniques when put together, can greatly increase your popularity in the internet and also enhance your search engine rankings.

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