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Friday, July 18, 2014

Significance of DoFollow Article Submission

Many people out there have engaged into business of coaching you how you can enhance traffic and achieve higher rankings through article submissions. Individually, I haven’t checked the lessons they offer. You have been made to think that you can do an article and submit to the search engine, then get much traffic.

It has no significance. I have done a lot of dofollow article submission. Take a look at the following;

DoFollow article Submission for Traffic

Article marketing helps you get numerous recommendation traffics from the large article submission sites. I don’t know your case. But to me, it’s been long since I found EzineArticles and the other article submission sites in a search I made in the search results. I’m left asking, how would you expect that traffic be transferred to you by the submission sites if the sites themselves do not receive any traffic? (This is different in the case of webmasters who submit their articles).

The click throughs on the link of the writer’s bio is normally less than 5%. If lucky enough can get up to 5%. If at the entire dofollow article submission site gained a few traffic, even if your article is seen by many people only a few of the will be sent to you by the article. It’s not of any value. Only less than 5 large submission sites gain important traffics. So it does not matter where your article will be published. Even if it is to thousands of sites, it still will not get any traffic.

Article for SEO

When it comes to SEO and article marketing, that’s where my biggest challenge lies. If for example you submit 100 articles to one of the largest and influential article submission sites such as EzineArticles, it will be counted as a single link. This is for the reason that both the IP and domain are similar. If you have 100 articles for instance, linking them to one site will be as good as nothing, for you will gain less. If you still can’t believe then look at this other example. Some of these huge online platforms, in the numerous posts that people have there, nearly all of them are having the links in the signatures. You would possibly find peak rankings if the search engines numbered each link, the truth is, there would not be any.

Google has a duplicate content sift which deducts pages that have similar contents. So if you submit your article to many submission sites, it will be meaningless since Google will get rid of the huge number of sites, with your link included in. to overcome this, you therefore must produce and submit an exceptional article to each of the articles submission sites, which again is an overwhelming work and time spending.

Article for Syndication

People have come up with hints that article marketing in some way adds one numerous links even without one making any effort just for a simple reason of some worried website owners. The website owners are said to be so willing and impatient to place your article on their sites. As I have seen and have also gathered from some of the SEO experts, your article will not only be placed on somebody else’ website, but your bio link will also be eliminated or a nofollow attribute be placed in the link, so that it will be of no use to an SEO.

This is how I simply do mine. I do 4 outstanding articles and submit to 4 major article submission sites. I then carry out dofollow social bookmarking and sit back since any extra effort I will make won’t be of any value.

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