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Monday, July 14, 2014

Vital Steps to Follow In Social Media Optimization

SMO (Social Media Optimization)’s original goal was to bring traffic from social networking and social bookmarking websites to the business website. In 2006 when the term ‘Social Media Optimization’ first came into existence, its sole aim to increase the content’s total number of shares, however today SMO is not just about media. As social signals are considered by major search engines like Google to help rank the content, now SMO plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A great performance of SMO holds the power to catapult a business website’s SEO.

When Social Media Optimization has direct link with Search Engine Optimization there are vital steps to follow. Below are some factors that you need to consider when getting ready to do SMO.

1. Reputation

When you are handling SMO, it is very important to consider your reputation. It is very crucial for you to be popular as a social media figure and for to be considered an expert by your followers. If you are able to produce a high quality content or produce a highly informative content. Apart from this, you also have to be making frequent comments and discussions to act as a support. Engage people and interact, talk of your interest, and share your expertise to help them and to increase your social reputation.

2. Engagement

Your existence must be known by people on social media. Active engagement via re-tweets, likes, commenting, emotions and plus ones is one of the best ways to do this. Another effective way but old way to increase engagement is by asking for followers opinions. The communities and groups present in the social networking websites like Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook are also places that are very beneficial to engage with like-minded people.

3. Authority

Another important element of Social Media Optimization is the Social Authority. It is very natural for search engine and even people to prefer authoritative and real social profiles. Social authority can be increased in two ways: Social Proof and Google Authorship. Google Authorship shows followers count in Google search results, which solidifies the social presence of a person. It also shows Google+ image. The huge amount of re-tweets, likes and plus ones on shared posts acts as an effective proof in the social that the user is worth noticing.

4. Leadership

A leader is one who generates his/her own ideas, choose a topic and make a research on his/her own. He does not tweak ideas from published write-ups to produce content. A social leader has a clear understanding of his/her niche and cares about his/her followers. He/she believes in originality and shares with his/her audience thoughtful insights. He/she therefore actively curates informative and related topics and adds his perspective and views to the content. It is a guarantee that social media leaders are followed by everyone.

Apart from the above points, including social sharing buttons to your content make use of proper titles, and then attaching catchy and high quality images will make your SMO effort super strong. Contact and consult with popular professionals when it comes to Social Media Optimization if you have troubles with your SMO in the initial years.

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