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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What is search engine optimization (optimizer) - SEO?

SEO is just an abbreviation of search engine optimization or even search engine optimizer.

Search engine optimization aka SEO is a methodology of plans, techniques as well as tactics deployed to boost the amount of visitors to your website by achieving a high-ranking positioning in the search results page of a SERP that comprises Bing, yahoo, Google, etc, etc.

Search engine optimization(White Hat SEO) helps to ensure that a website is accessible to a search engine and increase the possibilities that the website will be found by the SE.

It is regular practice for internet users to not click through pages as well as pages of search effects, so where a website ranks in a search is necessary for directing a number of traffic towards the website. The higher a website obviously ranks in organic results of a search engines, the greater the possibility that that website will be visited by majority users.

Search engine optimization (White Hat SEO) is generally a set of white hat finest practices that webmasters and Web content developers go after to help them reach an appealing ranking in search engine results. You can get more explanation like white hat SEO tips, and on implementation etc on Search Engine lands guidelines to SEO.

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